About Galitt

Galitt values

Galitt corporate values are based on 4 pillars used by our staff in creating value for our customers:


  • Proficiency (knowledge, know-how and personal development) which legitimates our action: recognized for their expertise in payment systems, our staff is continuously aiming at keeping up their level of excellence and the quality of their relationships
  • Commitment of teams and staff members for every action towards customers’ satisfaction: the value we create results from everyone’s work, whatever their respective expertise
  • Mutual benefits: long lasting business relationships require a positive outcome for every player. All Galitt’s actions aim at simultaneously creating profit and quality for the benefit of all: our customers, our staff and our company
  • Human Relations, recognizing that personnal fulfillment is a source of efficiency. Respect, social interaction and solidarity are favoring both individual and collective success to create value for our customers.