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KEOLABS (France)


KEOLABS is a leading provider of tools and services for testing microcontroller and secure component implementation.
The company has two main activities: Smart Card Validation and Microcontroller Tools.
KEOLABS Smart Card Validation activity provides an end-to-end product and service offer for validating and certifying smart cards and related technologies in accordance with industry standards. KEOLABS participates in all major certification processes for the secure transaction and identity sectors. The company offers a comprehensive range of solutions for validation of all layers of contact and contactless secure components from the electrical to the digital and application layers.

Contact: Michael LEPLATOIS

rue Eugène Piron
13300 Salon de Provence

Tel: +33 4 90 57 30 20
Fax: +33 4 90 57 30 21

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For the level 1 simulation or reading of smart cards, Galitt uses hardware devices developed by SMARTWARE:

  • the UltraSmart™ X-CORE T Series offering simultaneously an ISO7816 contact / ISO14443 contactless ICC reading capability and a contact/contactless ICC simulation capability through an appropriate probe.
  • the UltraSmart™ USnano offering simultaneously a full contact ICC reading capability (ISO7816, SWP, SWP-microSD), an ISO14443 contactless PICC reading capability and a contact ICC simulation.
Contact: Christophe RABAUD

11 avenue des Andes
91940 Les Ulis

Tel: +33 1 64 86 25 25
Fax: +33 1 64 86 25 26