Payment Consulting

BlueBox: a toolbox to provide advice differently

BlueBox is a study and expertise unit which enables you to answer technical and strategic questions very quickly when you meet them on a daily basis.

With BlueBox, you send us the questions that are troubling you, and your deadlines. We will immediately put you in contact with experts who can work on your priority issues. They will provide the concrete answers you need.


  • Speed
  • Flexibility
  • Payment expertise

Your questions

  • How to maintain income from my payment business?
  • What impact will PSD2 have on my business?
  • What are the opportunities presented by cross-border acquisition?
  • How to boost contactless payment?
  • Do wallets fit my business?
  • Should I accept bitcoin on my website?

Your needs

  • You need enlightenment quickly about a new solution.
  • You’re looking for the impact of changes in regulations or security to be deciphered.
  • You want to gather information to better understand a new market or new geographical market.
  • You urgently need a benchmark for the innovative offers or omnichannel approach of your competitors.