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Market watch: innovative payments & digital identity

The benefits of watch letters

Support content containing expertise from Galitt’s specialists on all subjects

Share an analysis of key developments in the payments world

A clear and concise format, in order to save you time

Buzz Payment: Your Payment Watcher

Everything you need to know about the latest moves and strategies of the major payment companies

Buzz Payment is a weekly newsletter in both French and English, which helps to inform and gain understanding of the week’s events in the payment sector. It also includes a strategic analysis on one of the key themes of the week’s news, in order to step back from events on the ground.

Several themed specials each year on elements of the payment sector

With Buzz Payment, you can receive several times a year themed specials on subjects chosen from recent events and trends.

For further information and subscription’s details contact Olivier JEAN-MARIE

From authentication to eID: your newsletter

This monthly letter gives you a panoramic watch on digital identity news, whose technological and regulatory ecosystem is still booming in Europe and around the world.

Four main thematic files are to be consulted according to your interests with links to public sources of information, if you want to explore more these topics: Identity, Technologies, Regulation and Good Practices, Issues.

For further information and subscription’s details contact Nathalie LAUNAY