Payment Education

The course is well designed and includes practical market information and examples. It offers good insight of the vast EMV Payment ecosystem. Trainer is also well experienced with domain experience and up to date market knowledge. The course truly serves the Essentials purpose for anyone who deals in solutions and services in the payment industry..


Training session on Card based payment systems essentials

This course offered a high level training and its attendees were both friendly and invested. The trainer had the insight to adapt the course to the level of the participants.
This training is composed of theoretical and practical cases with excellent training materials, which remain very useful on a daily basis in my work. I recommend this training session to anyone working on EMV issues.

Jean-François CLEBER – Crédit Mutuel

Training session on EMV Specifications

An extremely complete and informative course – It is well presented by knowledgeable tutors and supported by excellent materials. We have been properly launched into the EMV world.

Clive PUTMAN – Entesys

Training session on EMV Specifications

The Gallitt EMV training transformed a very difficult and complex topic into a relatively easy and understandable topic. The trainer was very knowledgeable and patient. He gave us time to formulate questions and provided explanations which made me feel like an expert by the end of the sessions! An excellent program that I would recommend to anyone trying to fully understand EMV technology and how it works!

Jan MCGRATH – Discover

Training session on EMV Specifications

I was initially only supposed to attend the training session on NFC Payments and Services on Mobile devices. But Galitt offered me the opportunity to also attend the training session on Contactless Cards and Applications. I was glad to attend both as they were complementary and helped me to better appreciate the training sessions. Understanding contactless cards and applications enables us to have a technical background and a better understanding of all NFC services on mobile devices. Besides offering a very satisfying technical presentation, the trainers succeeded in highlighting the difficulties of international standardization, the presentation, role and interdependence of each actor working on potential NFC payments and services on mobile devices.

Training session on Contactless Cards and Applications and NFC Payments and Services on Mobile devices

Philippe OURY – Credit Agricole

I really appreciated the Contactless Cards and Applications training session, which offered a global overview on contactless issues, both for payment and transportation applications. The relatively comprehensive content enables to understand the technologies, the norms as well as all related stakes.

Paul MARGUIER – GIE CA Technologies

Training session on Contactless Cards and Applications

If you don’t have any knowledge of payment systems, after this session, you’ll want to know and learn everything available about them.


Training session on Payment Systems

As during my first experience, I once again appreciated the reception, both on the phone and face-to-face, of the people who welcomed us. The course was rewarding, comprehensive and well-commented. Considering the amount of information delivered, I think this training session should last at least one day and a half, or two days at the most. Thank you again for this training session.


Training session on Understanding EMV

Amadeus called upon Galitt’s expertise as part of a study on EMV payments. The collaboration with Galitt turned out to be extremely appreciated. We had the chance to talk with experts who were able to meet our demands. For us, Galitt is a partner of choice for all our payment activities.

Sylvain ROY – Amadeus

Training session on EMV