Payment services


  • Technical scoping and technical support for NFC projects of a transporter
  • Drafting of requirements for the choice of a TSM, for changes in validation, control, and distribution tools for acceptance of NFC objects (contactless card, Javacard, NFC mobile, USB flash drive)
  • µSD “prepaid contactless” card issuance projects. Cross-department project steering and coordination of the various players. Monitoring of developments and configurations (Acquiring Host, Issuer Host, UI, etc.). Organization of tests on mobile devices running on Android, iOS (iPhone), and on BlackBerries
  • Support of the official launch of the “Nice, contactless city” project in May 2010 (responsible for event operations, drafting of merchant kits, creation of multi-bank press kits, etc.)


  • Implementation of a European Mobile Acceptance solution – PMO, work coordination, facilitation of workshops (marketing, project ownership, compliance), drafting of business requirements
  • Drafting of an RFP for a multi-country Mobile Acceptance solution, construction of the evaluation grid. Supplier presentations and selection. Drafting of contractual elements
  • Impact study of issuer authorization servers of a CB – Visa/MCW payment card processing system at an ICS Only  acceptance point as part of the mobile acceptance process

Dematerialization & Digitalization

  • Project ownership from the  requirements specification to the deployment of a gift voucher dematerialization project
  • Study of the Issuance and Acquisition e-payment value chains and of the various types of players of the e-payment market in France as part of a paper securities dematerialization project
  • Identification and comparative study of store cards dematerialization solutions on a mobile device
  • Implementation of contract digitalizations of in a banking institution

TSM (Trusted Service Managers)

  • Development of an RFP for a multi-service TSM platform offering (detailed functional and technical aspects) on the US market
  • TSM migration project management
  • Draft of TSM  requirements specifications, definition of E2E processes, definition of the new customer experience
  • Drafting of the technical requirements specifications for the TSM tender of a deployment project of a payment solution on mobile phones

Electronic currency and DME1&2

  • Coordination of projects on the basis of an electronic currency platform
  • Drafting of specifications for cryptographic equipment for microcircuit PME personalization

Payment Scheme

  • Drafting of requirements specifications and specifications as part of a MasterCard and Visa direct connection project
  • Benchmark of contactless mobile payment solutions (NFC, geolocation, etc.) to support a bank in the implementation of its communication strategy
  • Issuance/Acquisition economic modeling and production of a product/scheme simulation tool
  • Definition and opening of European acquisition platform projects
  • Feasibility study for the construction of a new European cards scheme – “Monnet” project
  • Drafting of specifications for the JCB international gateway for the CBAE protocol (Acquirer – Issuer)

Implementation of nexo standards

  • Contribution to the initial construction of the POI-Acquirer protocol and the testability plan
  • Production of the data dictionary (data correspondence between EPAS and CB2A protocols)



  • Fraud analyses for the PayPass card and mobile payment
  • Management of a MasterCard direct connection project, from drafting the requirements specifications to production launch of the solution (SICB & fraud project)
  • Drafting of acquirer and issuer fraud specifications
  • Fraud study for a scheme on domestic CNP transactions issued by acquirers
  • Drafting of the issuer fraud specifications, the functional design file, and the functional acceptance documentation
  • Drafting of a study on the state of the art of fraud and anti-money laundering solutions as part of a payment method based on the mobile-to-mobile transfer of virtual value units (Africa)
  • Coordination and steering of the project to implement the PRM tool by ACI
  • Study to optimize fight against fraud in subscription payments to an operator

New SEPA payment methods (SCT/SDD)

  • Drafting of requirements specifications for the implementation of new SEPA operations (CAI and SCTR)
  • Technical and functional analysis of an internal or external solution for management of the credit mandate base as part of the Outbound SDD
  • Project audit and support for the start-up of SEPA SDD (Portugal)
  • Strategy study for implementation of the SEPA and the SCF by banks

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

  • Opportunity study for the deployment of the DCC on cash-out machines
  • Regulatory monitoring (Data Integrity, CPEP, QMR)
  • DCC pre-authorization studies
  • Management of DCC projects for face-to-face payment and e-commerce


  • Steering of an interbank e-portfolio issuance project Coordination of working groups and drafting of reference documents (Business Requirements, customer experience on fixed and mobile Internet, risk analysis, etc.)
  • Establishment of e-wallet on a banking platform

Mobile Payment

  • Steering of a mobile phone contactless payment project in a multi-player environment (banks, operators, networks, industrialists)
  • Examination and publication of “Pay Mobile” specifications
  • Steering of technical, security, and authority relations projects (Visa, MCW) and monitoring of legal/patent, marketing, and communication projects
  • Drafting of the “mobile operators” statement of requirements (MNO)
  • Drafting of customer life cycle management processes, e-payment processes, and customer relationship management documents

Centralized acceptance system and light terminal

  • Drafting of preliminary study files and definition of the project schedule
  • Drafting of specifications for the platform’s publisher and evaluation of the RFI for terminal manufacturers
  • Drafting of functional specifications for the production of a light terminal connected to the proprietary server platform
  • Drafting of functional specifications of gift and payment card applications n times in light terminal
  • Launch of the Centralized Acceptance Platform RFI


  • Study and specification of a payment solution based on radio frequency and biometrics
  • Feasibility study then implementation proposal for an EMV MCW application
  • Specifications of the protocol for a biometric data reader controller