Payment services

Thanks to their diversified, complementary profiles, the Payment Services Business Unit’s consultants work within the Marketing, e-Payment, Project Ownership, and Information Systems departments

Operational marketing

  • Up to date on all new technologies, in close relation with all players in the payment field, our consultants define new offers namely designed for, but not limited to merchants’ customers of payment institutions, and also to cardholders by working with the issuers
  • We can also be in charge of the implementation of offerings through the development of all associated processes and documentation and perform the launch operations and manage support

Preliminary study and scope of the customer’s requirements

  • Up to date of technological, regulatory, and business developments for payment systems, our consultants define the project framework by taking into account all constraints related to the e-payment business
  • The study of the existing situation allows to define a system’s strengths and weaknesses and to assess the differences with the target solution. They may pertain to Acquiring Host, Issuer Host, merchant repositories, cardholder bases, e-payment back offices, ATMs, ATM Processing Host, monitoring tools, fraud, etc.

Drafting of specifications

  • Our consultants have thorough knowledge of ISO standards (8583, 20022, 27001, etc.) and protocols (CB2A, nexo, SEPA FAST, VisaNet, Banknet, etc.). This allows them to define interoperable payment solutions, approved by the Schemes and secure (cryptography, PCI, etc.)
  • Our consultants support you in launching RFPs and RFIs, from drafting consultation records to the final selection of the solution

Coordination, project management, and PMO

  • Our project directors handle all aspects of the project: coordination of all parties involved, compliance with deadlines, budget management, organization and coordination of the various committees, etc.
  • PMO uses its business skills and in depth knowledge of the tools essential to its function (Clarity, Sci Format, etc.) to steer and ensure project reporting

Change management

  • Our consultants produce the necessary documentation for new services start-up and operation (contracts, operating guides, technical or organizational procedures)
  • Our consultants support change by organizing workshops in order to define new processes while training users and disseminating information


  • Our consultants guide and organize the deployment of new solutions by coordinating the project’s various internal and external stakeholders (i.e.: Terminal installers/maintainers, hosting structures, telecom operators, publishers, etc.)

Organization and processes

  • Thanks to their repeated experience in implementing e-payment solutions, Galitt’s consultants support you in the (re)definition of processes and the definition of the associated governance of an activity. They rely on the development of a precise mapping of concerned players and activities

Application support

  • Our consultants are experts in the deployed solutions and implement the necessary support for their proper operation. They provide the necessary assistance to resolve incidents and improve the service