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Fuel cards & fleet cards

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  • Hosted in your premises or available in SaaS mode, CattiTM Fuel Card is a complete solution for managing national, international, company fuel cards
    • Multi-issuer, multi-vendor, multi-network, multi-language and multi-currency
    • Compliant with the architecture of each network (acquirer, issuer, retailer, reseller, etc.)
    • High availability service and high volume transaction processing
    • Based on market standards such as IFSF protocol, ISO 8583…
  • CattiTM Fuel Card operates the fuel card & fleet card of several thousand service stations and companies across Europe
  • CattiTM Fuel Card handles the process from End-to-End, from card issuing to transaction clearing as well as the acceptance, back-office and data collection steps
Catti<sup>TM</sup> Fuel Card solution architecture

CattiTM Fuel Card architecture

  • A fuel card management solution that increases your revenue. You can easily increase your acceptance network to attract and retain new fleets of vehicles such as heavy or commercial fleet vehicles
    • End-to-End and scalable international, private and fleet card management solution
    • Increase fuel sales volumes
    CattiTM Fuel Card is managing more than 40 international fuel cards
  • A customer oriented fuel card management software Enjoy an easy-to-use software for your customers and an easy to interface fuel solution to focus on your core business CattiTM Fuel Card is managing your card lifecycle, authorization & restriction, invoicing, CRM, clearing, payment and reporting Analyze and improve your business with fully customizable dashboards to enhance your profitability and your effectiveness
  • A fuel card management system that reduces your administration expenses
    • Reduce the risk of fraud by setting your own authorization rules for your clients’ fleets
    • Automate your administration tasks to save time and money
    • Deploy a new range of services (parking, car wash, lubricants…) to differentiate your service stations from competitors
    • Launch new and innovative commercial offers or connect fuel cards to loyalty or gift cards and reward your cardholders