Testing Solutions

As payment system experts, we have been developing testing solutions dedicated to payment systems and secure transactions for more than 25 years


These solutions combine

  • The expertise of our consultants in test strategies and development of test plans
  • Sophisticated simulation software simplifying automation and certification processes


Testing Solutions Services

We support our customers in improving the quality of their payment systems, with a wide range of services

  • Definition of test strategies
  • Automation and industrialization of test
  • Design of platforms
  • Design of test plans
  • Execution of test campaigns
  • Pre-certification and certification of payment systems

Testing Solutions Software

Building upon Galitt’s payment system expertise, we develop a wide range of tools for testing cards, terminals, servers, and payment networks

  • KaNest® provides a set of simulators for testing Read more
  • VisuCard® is dedicated to personalization control and analysis of contact and contactless cards

To meet various types of requirements, we offer multiple options for our software licenses

  • Permanent license
  • Temporary license
  • Shareable license
  • Test as a Service (TaaS)