Testing Solutions


With KaNest®-ICC, Galitt offers a tool for testing and validating contact and contactless cards, mobile devices, GlobalPlatform cards, as well as any contactless payment medium.



Functional tests of cards

Test Suites for cards & Secure Element


American Express testing tool simulator

American Express
AEIPS qualified
Expresspay qualified

Discover global network testing tool simulator

Discover® Global Network
D-PAS contacts qualified
Contactless D-PAS qualified


Visa card testing tool simulator

VCBP (Visa Cloud Based Payment)confirmed
VIS confirmed
VCPS confirmed
Multi-Access for VSCD confirmed
VMCPS (Visa Mobile Contactless Payment Specification) confirmation ongoing
Broker Interface for VMPA (Broker Applet Interface for Visa Mobile Payment Application Specification) confirmation ongoing

GlobalPlatform Test Suites

Global Platform testing tool
All GP Test Suites are qualified by GlobalPlatform to be officially used to evaluate card configuration compliance of GlobalPlatform dedicated cards.



  • Basic Financial Configuration
  • Common Implementation V1 & V2
  • Contactless Extension V2
  • eUICC Compliance V2 & V3
  • Financial Configuration Compliance
  • ID Configuration
  • Mapping Guidelines Compliance
  • Memory Extension Compliance
  • SE Access Control
  • SE Configuration
  • SE Contactless Extension V1
  • SE Memory Management Extension Compliance
  • TEE Test Suite
  • TEE SE API Test Suite
  • TEE Security Test Suite
  • UICC Amendment B
  • UICC Amendment C
  • UICC Compliance V1 & V2
  • UICC Memory Management Extension Compliance





Personalization validation


Galitt offers VisuCard®, a card personalization validation tool (PVT) dedicated to the analysis of contact and contactless cards.

In order to perform individual tests to supplement the personalization tests, VisuCard® can be supplemented with VisuScript®, a tool used for the definition of test scripts including the description of APDUs to be issued and cryptographic functions
Products for international networks

  • MastercardMastercard
    VisuCard® for Mastercard qualified
  • Visa
    VisuCard® GPVT confirmed
    « US Requirements » Extension confirmed
  • Discover global networkDiscover® Global Network
    VisuCard® for D-PAS qualified
  • Groupement des cartes bancairesGroupement des cartes bancaires (France)
    VisuCard® CB DUAL in compliance with Validation Specifications of Personalization Validation Tool of CB v1.2 cards
  • Logo BancontactBancontact (Belgium)
    VisuCard® Bancontact EMV
    VisuCard® Bancontact for HCE