Testing Solutions

With KaNest®-File, Galitt guarantees that the systems will comply with the exchange applicable file formats



KaNest®-File models

  • File formats
    • XML
    • ISO 8583 bitmaps
    • TLV (Tag Length Value) fields
    • Fixed and delimited fields
    • ASCII, EBCDIC, etc.
  • Import of formats
    • XSD
    • Excel file
  • Standards
    • SEPA formats based on ISO 20022 (SCT & SDD)
    • Formats based on ISO 8583 (Mastercard IPM, CB2A file, etc.)
    • Fixed length (VISA Base II, Mastercard SAFE, Mastercard ECCF, CB2C, SWIFT, EDIFACT CFONB, PAYMUL, VCOM, etc.)
    • Proprietary formats