Testing Solutions

KaNest®-ICC is a card simulator allowing execution of functional tests (Level 2) and End-to-End tests, also known as integration tests, (Level 3) by checking acceptance systems compliance in order to certify them in accordance with the requirements of the payment systems

“Level 2” Test Suites

  • American ExpressAmerican Express Enabled
    Expresspay qualified
    D-PAS Contactless qualifieddiscover
  • EMVCo
    EMV Level 2 qualified
    EMV Entry Point Level 2 qualifiedemvco
    Kernel 2 (MasterCard) qualified
    Kernel 3 (Visa) confirmed
    Kernel 3 for Online ODA (Visa)
    Kernel 4 (American Express)
    Interac ContactInterac
    KaSYS Canada has been approved by INTERAC as a test tool vendor
    Interac Contactless development ongoing
  • MasterCard
    Contactless v3 qualifiedMCVP
  • nexonexo
    nexo POI qualified
  • Visa
    VCPS (ex. qVSDC & MSD) confirmedVisa
    VOQOS confirmed

“Level 3” End-to-End Test Suites

  • American ExpressAmerican Express Enabled
    AEIPS E2E qualified
    Expresspay E2E qualified
  • DISCOVERdiscover
    Discover Network E2E (D-PAS Contact & Contactless,
    including US extensions) qualified
    PULSE E2E qualified
  • Dinersdiners
    DCI E2E (D-PAS Contact & Contactless) qualified
    Interac Contact & Contactless development ongoingInterac
  • JCB
    TCI development ongoing
    JIT Contactless development ongoing
  • MasterCard
    M-TIP qualified
    M-TIP Interop qualifiedMCVP
    M-TIP US Maestro Contact qualified
    PayPassTM M-TIP Subset 6 qualified
    PayPassTM M-TIP Subset 8 qualified
    M-TIP US Maestro Contactless qualified
  • nexonexo
    nexo POI qualified
  • VisaVisa
    ADVT (including US and Fleet extensions) confirmed
    CDET (including US extensions) confirmed