Testing Solutions

KaNest® is a simulator allowing to test, evaluate, and certify terminals (Terminal, vending machines, etc.), acquirer, issuers, and networks (both private or interbank). KaNest® also allows development and execution of load tests


Supported protocols (partial list – contact us)

Networks and Gateways

  • AEGNS (American Express)
  • Base I & SMS (Visa)
  • BASE24 (ACI)
  • Berlin Group
  • BIM (Netherlands)
  • CBAE (Bank Cards – France)
  • CUP (UnionPay)
  • DCI (Diners)
  • Discover Network (DISCOVER)
  • LINK (United Kingdom)
  • MAS & MDS (MasterCard)
  • Trionis


  • APACS (United Kingdom)
  • CB2A (France)
  • C-TAP (Benelux)
  • CUP (UnionPay)
  • Generic EMV Host
  • GTV / BEA-Net (Netherlands)
  • Hypercom ISO 8583
  • IFX (XML)
  • nexo (XML)
  • PRICE (Spain)
  • SPDH (several sites)
  • TCMP (Worldpay)
  • Terminal Punto de Venta ServiRed (Spain)
  • UTF (Chase Paymentech)
  • Worldpay ISO 8583
  • ZVT (Germany)

Cash Withdrawal (ATM)

  • C0X (France)
  • D912
  • GAB-D, GAB-E (France)
  • IFX (XML)
  • LOGIGAB (France)
  • NDC+



Galitt has developed Test Suites for servers and networks that grant them the ability to

  • Perform functional tests by implementing the tests defined by the networks or payment systems, 
  • Perform End-to-End tests, also called "Integration tests" or "Level 3 tests", by acting as “Responders”, verifying compliance of received messages and generating the responses expected by the acceptance systems being tested

Functional Test Suites

  • DISCOVER Network
    Acquirer Host Test Suite qualified
    Issuer Host Test Suite qualified
  • Diners Network
    Acquirer Host Test Suite qualified
    Issuer Host Test Suite qualified
  • Grouping of Bank Cards (France)
    CBAE accredited
    CBcom accredited
  • nexo
    Acquirer Test Suite qualified Phases 1 and 2

Responders for Level 3 tests

  • American Express
    AEGNS responder qualified
    Discover Network E2E responder qualified
    VisaNet Responder for DISCOVER
  • Diners
    DCI E2E responder qualified
  • MasterCard
    M-TIP responder
  • Visa
    ADVT, CDET, qVSDC DM, & VpTT responder confirmed


Galitt also offers a range of utilities

  • KaNest®-Supervisor for a centralized, coordinated management of all queried interfaces of the system to be tested
  • KaNest®-DSS for a centralized management of licenses and KaNest® and KaNest®-ICC bases as well as user bases
  • KaNest®-Watchdog for a monitoring of transaction systems


In order to promote the automation and industrialization of tests, our simulators integrate with test processes productivity tools

  • HP Quality Center software (ALM) for the organization of receipts
  • Test DesignerTM (Smartesting) for the definition of tests
  • DDT (Data Driven Testing) for the generation of test campaigns