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Galitt announces its KaNest® test and certification tool on the new nexo qualification

Boulogne (France), April 28, 2020


nexo is the international standard that simplifies payment management. Galitt has been part of the initiative since the project’s beginning, and actively contributes to its standard deployment. As a payment specialist, Galitt brings strategic, technical and functional expertise throughout the value chain in a unique offer.


Large international retailers and major payment actors use nexo, which is a standard that rationalize technical and regulatory aspects in card payments, and proposes an agile and universal solution for the technical environment at the Point of Sale.


Galitt was involved in nexo from the start. Thanks to Galitt’s KaNest® tool, initial pilots and deployments have made possible the consolidation of the nexo standard.


Galitt is one of the few undisputed nexo experts, and provides its expertise and knowledge on payments in various manners: strategic consulting, testing and service centers, project assistance and management, on-the-shelf or custom technical solutions development, as well as training on payment major challenges.


Today, Galitt announces its KaNest® test and certification tool qualification on the latest nexo specifications.


Executive Vice President on Testing Solutions, Vincent Mesnier, states: “Galitt contributes to payment simplification and security. With KaNest®, nexo stakeholders can use a reliable testing tool that guarantees the consistency of the specification interpretation and the interoperability of all nexo value chain elements”.

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