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Galitt KaNest®-L3 allows payment acquirers and terminal vendors to test their compliance against EMV® Level 3 in a comprehensive payment environment

Boulogne-Billancourt (France), October 21, 2019


In the context of the worldwide migration to contactless cards and mobile payment systems, Galitt provides an ever wider palette of testing solutions for acquirers and terminal vendors, including KaNest®-L3, an EMVCo-qualified tool enabling to test payment terminals within the payment acquirer environment.


EMVCo, the association of payment schemes that ensures interoperability and security in payment systems, has defined a platform to manage the evolution of EMV® L3 Test Suites and the qualification of EMV® L3 test tools. These tests come as a complement to Level 1 that ensure that a terminal is able to physically read a card and Level 2 that covers functional aspects. EMV Level 3 aims at validating the integration of an EMV payment or cash dispensing terminal with any merchant or bank system to ensure end-to-end transaction acceptance. EMV Level 3 requires the terminal to be complete with its EMVCo-approved hardware, software kernel, and payment application in place, and to be connected to a test environment, which mimics the authorization responses from payment systems. EMV Level 3 covers all payment schemes from EMVCo: American Express, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, China UnionPay and Visa. EMVCo structures its Level 3 platform to select required Test Cases, perform test transactions on a terminal and analyze test logs.


Galitt is proud to announce that its KaNest®-L3 test tool has received the qualification of EMVCo as a L3 Card Simulator (CS) and L3 Test Tool (TT), certifying that it conforms to EMV L3 requirements (or required functionalities).


Galitt KaNest®-L3 test tool builds upon the company’s long-standing history for card simulation (based on KaNest®-ICC) and experience both in payment terminals and in acceptance networks. KaNest®-L3 combines the Card Simulator (CS) and Test Tool (TT) parts together thus simplifying the operation for acquirers and terminal vendors test staff. KaNest®-L3 provides a user interface allowing to integrate test suites provided by payment schemes, to generate the test scenarios and execute them, to obtain logs after execution, to analyze the logs and, if needed, to provide the user with the list of points to be corrected. Thanks to this integration, users are able to easily execute the series of tests mandated by the various payment schemes and to go through debug sessions until they pass all the tests.


As a complement to KaNest®-L3, Galitt provides network simulators that simulate the response of a payment scheme when transaction data are sent to the acquirer. Galitt network simulators, which are qualified by American Express, Discover and Visa, allow test managers to go all the way through their tests by simulating a complete payment environment. KaNest®-L3 can also accommodate network simulators provided by payment schemes.


Vincent Mesnier, Executive Director of Galitt Testing Solutions Business Unit, declares: “Galitt always aims at making the life of all players in the payment environment safer and simpler. With KaNest®-L3, acquirers and terminal vendors are able to validate that all transactions coming from their payment terminals or ATMs will seamlessly go through all steps of payment transaction management and be properly executed.”


Galitt accompanies the global migration to contactless and mobile transactions by providing all the needed elements for the test environment. Galitt test tools cover all aspects of test from cards to terminals and networks.


Note to editors: EMV® is a registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries and an unregistered trademark elsewhere. EMVCo, LLC, owns The EMV® trademark.

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