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Thanks to PONANT Technologies robots, Galitt terminal tests become more effective and reliable

Boulogne-Billancourt (France), December 16, 2019


PONANT Technologies and Galitt are happy to announce their partnership to propose a fully robotized execution of functional Test Suites for payment terminals allowing to significantly reduce the workload and the cost of tests, while ensuring an important progress in reliability.


Executing Test Suites for payment terminals can be seen as a tedious task, especially with the inception of end-to-end tests, also known as integration tests that require even more comprehensive testing than before. Now, this task is made easier thanks to the combination of Galitt KaNest® Test Suites with PONANT Technologies eTASQ Motion robots.


Test labs, which have to repeatedly run functional tests of payment terminals, terminal vendors when qualifying their products, and financial institutions wishing to select and validate payment terminals are in need of running extensive test operations. Actually, all organizations that run repetitive testing campaigns see their workload reduced thanks to robotization and can dedicate their workforce to more interesting and productive tasks.


Thanks to the progress in equipment design, robotization of terminal functional tests is now cost-efficient and leads to a fast ROI thanks to a significant reduction of the test execution workload. As the PONANT Technologies robot is ready to use, testing a new terminal just requires adding fittings in the robot enclosure to maintain the terminal in place, making testing different POS terminals easy and productive. As it is extremely user-friendly, using a PONANT Technologies robot does not require any additional training allowing to integrate it easily in an existing lab equipment set.


When executing the Test Suites, the eTASQ Motion robot inserts the KaNest®-ICC card simulator in the terminal in the case of contact mode or presents it in front of the reader in the case of contactless mode. The robot also presses the keys on the terminal keyboard to simulate the amount entry by the merchant and the PIN entry by the consumer. It also includes a camera that reads the terminal displays and, thanks to OCR (Optical Character Recognition), extracts text from the information displayed and have it analyzed by the test tool. Galitt KaNest® Test Suites conduct the tests and drive the robot movements. Robotization of test operations brings an improved reliability in the test environment as each step is repeated exactly in the same way without depending on variations due to the operator.


All Galitt test tools can be robotized thanks to PONANT Technologies robots. Already, Galitt and PONANT Technologies have set up a demonstrator allowing to execute end-to-end (Level 3) test cases. Robotization will gradually be integrated in Level 3 Test Suites to allow controlling the robot and automating the collection of test results during the execution.
See the video here.


François INGLEBERT, Marketing Director, Testing Solutions, at Galitt, declares: “Thanks to the integration of PONANT Technologies robots, our customers who are already accustomed to the efficiency and user-friendliness of our KaNest® Test Suites can now enjoy a significant improvement in their productivity and the opportunity to redirect their test lab employees towards more interesting and rewarding tasks.”


Christophe BARTHELEMY, President of PONANT Technologies, adds: “We are happy to bring our expertise in robotization to the field of functional payment terminal testing thanks to our collaboration with Galitt, a highly praised expert in payment technologies, qualification and certification. Until now, the already deployed PONANT Technologies test robot made it possible to run tests for a card and an acquirer. Thanks to the solution developed by Galitt, a major player in the payment chain, we have now a full offer to robotize tests for all types of cards, all payment schemes with certified Test Suites.”

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