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As a training organisation specialising in the world of payments for more than 30 years, Galitt is there to support you in your training projects, in virtual payment sessions or face-to-face training. Our trainers have a strong in-field knowledge and are expert consultants in their subjects: payment, security, regulations, electronic banking and innovation, digital identity for payments, etc.

Because the world of payments is constantly changing… training is a real competitive lever!

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Galitt is a recognized training organization, authorised under number: 119 211 790 92 – Ile de France Region.

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Instant Payment

Instant payment, a new means of payment that has all the features to shake up the payments market.

This training module offers a complete overview of the principles and recent changes in instant payment. It also presents the Payment Services Directive and the payment revolution in Europe and its impact.

Not available

Cards and Payments

The reference seminar for the past 25 years or so aimed at understanding everything about electronic banking: a real introduction to payments and electronic banking.

This general training module allows students to acquire the fundamentals of electronic banking or to complete their knowledge in the field at commercial, regulatory, organizational, functional and technical levels.

On request

European card market and PSD2 impact

Understanding the organisation and evolution of card payment methods in the main European countries: open banking, PSD2, RTS, Nexo standards, etc.

This training course provides a detailed overview of card payment methods in the European markets: It also covers the new SEPA rules and standards as well as the impact of open banking on the card market.

On request

Payment flows in Europe and PSD2 impact

Understanding changes to rules and models: instant payment, PSD2, SCT/SDD news

This module describes the operating principles of SEPA payment flows for clearing and settlement, as well as the opportunities and constraints arising from changes to the legal framework.

On request

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Digital identity: an all-round view

Provides a panoramic view of digital identity for payment players: definitions and key concepts, European and French regulatory framework, new uses associated with the issue of trust.

This training module presents an overview of digital identity and its public and private ecosystem, with a focus on mobile ID. This preliminary approach addresses market opportunities related to new uses.

Not available

Payment identification & authentication

Provides functional and operational knowledge to address the development and implementation of digital identity paths and digital services.

This training course deepens knowledge of European regulations (eIDAS, AMLD and PSD2/RTS) and French laws in order to shed operational light on implementing identification solutions including know your client (KYC) and strong client authentication (SCA) for banking and financial clients.

Not available

Innovative payments

Understanding the contribution of innovation and its impact on payment systems: wallets, instant payment, Bitcoin, blockchain, etc.

This training course presents the major trends in payment innovation (shopping and mobile payment, digital wallets and channel convergence) as well as the economic and technological challenges related to these new offers and new uses for the consumer.


Blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Understand the challenges of Blockchain technology and the various Cryptocurrencies and digital currencies in order to better envision their potential.

This training presents a 360° view to fully understand and master all aspects of the Blockchain and the different Cryptocurrencies.
This training is constantly updated to take into account the very fast developments in the sector.


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Payment acceptance

Master the different e-payment systems architectures and their functional, technical and regulatory constraints.

This training course presents the different payment systems: local payment including payment on automatic devices, remote sales and goods & services rentals payments.

Not available

Understanding Nexo and its standards

Understand the fundamentals of the future European standards for card acceptance and acquisition

This training programme provides a global understanding of Nexo and its impact on existing card systems and outlook in terms of technological and regulatory changes.

Not available

Nexo standard specifications

Mastering the complexity of the specifications of the European Nexo standard and its implementation

This training module provides an in-depth and detailed presentation of the Nexo standard specifications from a functional, technical and cryptographic point of view (Nexo FAST, Nexo Protocols and Nexo IS).


Understanding EMV®

Understanding payment means defined by EMVCo and transforming technology into a strength by mastering the changes in the banking system

This training module provides a global understanding of EMV and its impact on the bank card system, as well as the role of EMVCo. It presents outlook in terms of the technological and regulatory changes proposed by EMVCo.

On request

EMV® specifications

Mastering the complexity of EMV and its implementation by banking systems

This training module presents EMV functional, technical and cryptographic specifications for terminals and cards. It describes their implementation in the context of contact and contactless payment acceptance in France.

On request

ISO 20022

Adopting the basics of this new standard revolutionizing payment means exchanges.

This training module provides knowledge of the ISO 20022 context, its objectives and its deployment. It specifies the business challenges and the impact of current developments. On a technical level, it provides an overview of the standard’s scope of application and the types of messages covered.



Learn the appropriate methodology for executing a test plan and identify the test options available in the KaNest® product
This training makes it possible to increase the control of simulators for greater efficiency of the test process.

Not available

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Fighting fraud

Understanding the forms of electronic money fraud and the measures organizations have put in place to deal with this issue.

This training module provides an overview of the types of fraud and the issues and key characteristics of the fight against payment and card fraud with numerous illustrations.

Not available

Implementing PCI

Understanding PCI standards, including PCI DSS, and their role in protecting sensitive data.

This training module provides a comprehensive understanding of the various PCI standards and the relationship between these security standards.

On request

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