Testing and Development of Payment Solutions 

For more than 30 years, we have been supporting our customers’ projects with tailor-made software solutions covering the entire payment value chain.

Our 90 specialized engineers and technicians develop and operate high value-added products such as test software, proprietary card management solutions, payment gateways and security solutions.

These products are developed on new technologies and hosted on our customers’ premises, in our data centers or in public clouds.

Platforms Galitt

Our 360° expertise of the payments ecosystem

Test software

To guarantee system integrity, reduce costs and risks, and improve service quality, we test all components of the payment value chain, using an automated testing process and tools certified by major international schemes and consortia.

We are renowned for the automation and industrialization of testing. The combined know-how of our acceptance strategy experts and our product experts enables us to implement automated, maintainable and scalable test platforms for the acceptance of complex systems.

Private card management

Catti™ is our solution for end-to-end processing of fuel cards and private fleet cards.

Specializing in fuel card management for 30 years, Catti™ has a range of different offers to suit both French and international markets.

These solutions are designed for those involved in fuel distribution (gasoline, gas) as well as vehicle-related services (car wash, parking, tolls, etc.), to accept and invoice transactions carried out using the various fuel cards.

Embedded development

We develop embedded applications for the payment industry, on all types of terminals (POS terminals, cell phones, vending machines, etc.).

Galitt is officially recognized by Ingenico as a partner and can therefore develop, sign, maintain and upgrade applications for Ingenico terminals.


The strong growth in payments and the multiplication of systems have made exchange protocols more complex. To meet this challenge, we have developed the G-Gateway™.

This scalable solution simplifies exchanges between systems, while guaranteeing the quality of transactions.

We offer this service with PCI hosting, or directly integrated into the customer's environment if they have a production infrastructure.

Cryptographic Security

Our teams develop solutions implementing cryptographic security applications or modules: key management, authenticity control, encryption, tokenization, based on the market's security appliances.

Galitt is a "QSA company" and supports its customers in all phases of PCI DSS compliance.

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Why Galitt?

✔️ Galitt has been providing test solutions for the card and payment markets for over 30 years.

✔️ Our team is made up of 90+ engineers, experts, developers and specialized technicians, each with extensive experience in payment methods, payment solutions and digital.

✔️ Our tools are certified by the major international schemes and consortiums: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, EMVCo®, Discover, nexo, UnionPay, GlobalPlatform®…

✔️ We have a network of 15 partners and resellers on 4 continents.

Meet our experts

Vincent Mesnier
Quotation (Platforms)

At Galitt, we’re a passionate team of 90 experts, engineers and developers dedicated to excellence in payment solutions. The certification of our tools by major international players such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, EMVCo®, Discover, nexo, UnionPay, GlobalPlatform® testifies to our commitment to quality and innovation. Join us for an unbeatable experience, supported by a worldwide network of 15 partners and resellers.

Vincent Mesnier

Executive Director – Business Unit Platforms