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Security & compliance

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An underestimated issue

Security and minimizing IT risks are critical challenges for the payments ecosystem. Often seen as simply a technical challenge imposed by technology and regulations, cyber security is actually a critical business requirement in the payments industry, as losses due to cyber-attacks are costly, both financially and in terms of reputation.

New challenges to fight against fraud

At a time when the payment market is changing rapidly, new innovative services are creating new challenges in the fight against fraud. Regulators are responding with enhanced cyber security standards to protect data confidentiality, integrity and availability. The financial and image risks involved can be disastrous for payment industry players, whether they are suppliers (PSPs) or users (merchants, institutions, government entities). Organizations must ensure an adequate level of security throughout the payment lifecycle, including malfunction points and attack-prone areas. In addition, when attacks are detected, an appropriate response is critical to identify the impact and how data issues should be addressed

Galitt at your side

Galitt helps you address your cyber security and risk challenges:

  • Help you implement the most appropriate technologies and processes to achieve certification or re-certification.
  • Provide PCI security audits by qualified security assessors (QSAs), e.g. Swift CSP audit, EMV® audit, PCI DSS , PCI CP+,, forensic payment, payment security audit.
  • Assist you in assessing your cyber security, payment fraud and risk capabilities to appropriately monitor and investigate issues.
  • Set up a complete audit and labelling service.

If you want to know more, Download our white paper on digital trust.


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