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Testing & monitoring

Reduce costs, reduce risks and improve service quality

The evidence is clear: applications are increasingly complex (networks and multiple technologies), it is difficult to identify the root cause of problems and mean time-to-resolution (impact on the bottom line) is increasing and it is difficult to gain a complete end-to-end view of application performance.

In addition, there is no real insight into the end-user experience, especially when the application crosses multiple platforms.
Poor application performance leads to a loss in staff productivity and customer dissatisfaction, as well as harming reputation and revenue losses.

Scale of error correction costs : US$ 1 during unit tests / US$ 10 upon validation / US$ 100 once in production

 Dataquest Inc. study reported on Disaster Recovery
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Testing ensures customer satisfaction with the product

Testing is one of the most important parts of quality control.

  • Detecting defects and errors: software testing is used to discover defects and errors made during the development phases.
  • Increasing product quality: product quality can be improved considerably by reducing the number of defects and errors.
  • Reducing maintenance costs: higher quality reduces software maintenance and increases profitability.
  • Ensuring compliance with requirements: software testing verifies that requirements are implemented correctly

Testing and monitoring ensures customer satisfaction with the product and therefore customer loyalty.

The advantages of using testing tools are :

Reduction of repetitive work / reuse: regression tests, using the same test data and based on the same test procedures, can be easily performed using testing tools. Repetitive checks can be done automatically and reliably. The testing tools can be used as many times as necessary. Greater consistency and repeatability: testing tools reproduce exactly what needs to be done, making results consistent and replicable. Increased testing capabilities: testing tools allow you to perform tests that cannot be performed manually, such as boundary tests, load tests, etc. Objective assessment: using testing tools, subjective omissions or preconceived notions are removed. As a result, the assessment is completely replicable and carried out in a consistent manner. Ease of access to test information: test results and information provided by testing tools are more complete, detailed and meaningful. Results can be easily shared between testers, developers and integrators.

Galitt's application supervision enables :

  • System/service functioning monitoring
  • Determining the availability of the services rendered by testing the applications hosted by servers. For example, a payment authorization request acquisition service may have system and network supervision approving authorization, while merchant terminals get no response to their requests.

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Leverage your investment in testing tools

The benefits of KaNest® automated testing are numerous and allow you to leverage your investment in testing tools!

  • Time saving: faster execution, with less time lost due to manual handling, and the ability to test in parallel, reducing test times.
  • Improved quality control: more time for problem analysis and corrections, resulting in improved quality.
  • Resource allocation: reduced testing effort after automation, resulting in more efficient resource allocation in smaller teams.
  • Early error detection: earlier execution in the development or integration phases, as errors are found and corrected earlier, saving time and effort.
  • Increased test coverage: the number of tests to be performed and test coverage is no longer a limit.
  • 24/7 testing: can be run at any time. For example, an overnight automated test campaign with results the next morning can reduce costs and provide flexibility among projects.


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