Sunday reinvents payment in the restaurant industry

Sunday is a French fintech that wants to disrupt the way payments are made in the restaurant industry. Founded by restaurant owners and for restaurant owners, Sunday compiles the various services relevant to restaurant owners.

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A revolution in the management of a restaurant’s activity

The French fintech wants to evolve the consumer experience in the restaurant industry and change the two common ways of paying in the restaurant industry: paying at the table and ordering to pick up.

Regarding payment at the table, Sunday offers restaurant owners a complete system of QR codes associated with the table number. This allows a better organization for the teams, while facilitating the customer experience. These QR codes can indeed be scanned by the latter to access the menu, but also to pay for his meal with a simple scan via smartphone.

Invoices and payments from customers will be listed in real time on Sunday’s dedicated interface, giving an instantaneous view of the payments for the different tables. This interface shows in detail everything that happens in the restaurant: time of order and payment, name of the staff in charge of the table, how the payment was made etc.  Restaurant owners can also edit their menus very easily.

Sunday dashboard

Customers do not need to download any third-party applications. Sunday is committed to making their system simple and understandable for all customers, even the less tech-savvy. Almost all recent smartphones have a built-in QR code scanner that is easy to use.

Sunday doesn’t forget to highlight the staff: a function proposes to leave a personalized tip at the time of payment. With cash payments becoming increasingly rare, offering a dematerialized way to leave a tip will encourage more customers to leave one, all with a simple button.

Sunday supports the digitalization of take-out orders

One of the aspects of the restaurant industry that has seen the greatest growth in recent years is online ordering. With behemoths such as Uber Eats or Deliveroo, the relevance of these services has been proven.

Sunday does not offer delivery services, but has set up a complete take-out system. The restaurant owners using the solution will have a section on Sunday’s interface dedicated to orders made outside the store. Customers will be able to order the restaurant’s products on Sunday’s website: still no need to download third-party applications.

Restaurant owners will of course be able to customize their page on Sunday’s site, controlling the way their products are promoted. They will have access to all the important information about their stock, they will be able to “tag” certain dishes such as gluten-free or vegetarian, or offer extras (extra cheese, sauces etc.).

Chiffres Sunday

Sunday aims to cover all the activities of a restaurant owner. More than a help, their system becomes a real guide and companion for restaurateurs using the services of the French fintech.

All these elements proposed by Sunday fight the number one enemy of the restaurant industry: the queue at the counter and the lack of fluidity within a restaurant. And we must admit that their QR code operation has real arguments in terms of fluidity. The fintech has recorded 20% more orders, 15 minutes saved per table and a 12% increase in the average basket for restaurateurs using their solutions, with the added bonus of more tips for their staff thanks to the dedicated tool.

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