Wynd and its omnichannel tools for retailers

Wynd is a French fintech whose ambition is to cover the contemporary needs of retailers in terms of omnichannel. Nowadays, a retailer has to be present on different channels, and above all to have tools to link them together.

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Management of the collection, logistics and Back-Office


Wynd’s services are designed to give retailers of all sizes a way to optimize their sales. A retailer in 2022 can’t really afford to ignore remote and online sales channels if they want to maximize their profits. The problem for many retailers is the transition from physical to digital commerce.

It is indeed not easy to adapt your business to all the new ways of trading. Online commerce, social networks, or distance selling are almost inevitable channels nowadays, but still relatively recent. Combined with the shift from paper to paperless administration, this is a lot of fundamental elements to change for a merchant already busy with his daily activity.

So Wynd focused on three main elements essential to this transition to omnichannel:


With its Warehouse Management System, Wynd offers a complete tool designed to drastically facilitate the logistics elements of retailers. This picking service covers the Click&Collect, Drive and Ship-from-store channels and is available as a mobile application.

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In-store pickers will have access to the best picking paths for each store, and can easily identify out-of-stock situations. The tool will increase the rate of successful and on-time orders, benefiting customers using these picking services as well.

Also in its logistics services, Wynd allows users to improve planning with an algorithm that can predict future orders. They will be able to adapt the allocated human resources according to its forecasts. To complete its logistic offer, the fintech finally proposes a stock management platform, always with the aim of having a better management of orders.

Cashing in:

Cashing out is an essential part of the life of a business. Wynd has understood this and offers a complete solution for fixed or mobile cashiering (through a smartphone or tablet in particular).

Again, the beauty of this tool is that it centralizes the activities of all sales channels. The retailer will have access to in-store, online and remote sales information in one place.

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For restaurateurs, it will even be possible to manage tables, rooms and reservations via this tool. It also covers product returns from customers, even if they were made in another store of the brand.

Wynd finally offers a self-checkout solution that can be easily integrated by retailers, adding a channel that consumers appreciate. Self-checkout kiosks are now a common consumer feature in most hypermarkets and other retail outlets.

The Back-Office:

All of the above-mentioned tools would be hard to track without a Back-Office management tool. It is the founding pillar allowing all these omnichannel services to function and be monitored by the merchant users.

It is the tool that will group all the orders in the same place, regardless of the vector by which they were initiated. The tool also allows you to manage all the products of a merchant in the same place, by managing their data sheets and prices.

Wynd wanted to cover all the needs of retailers for the omnichannel management of their activities. This complete system, which integrates seamlessly with existing information systems, has convinced a few major players in the retail industry.

Integration of Wynd with retail giants

The French fintech counts among its clients some of the biggest names in French and European retail.

For example, Carrefour asked Wynd to set up an “Express Delivery” system, all in just three months. Europe’s leading retailer has quickly adapted to the new ways of consuming of its customers, especially the fast delivery democratized by Amazon’s Prime delivery service.

Carrefour wanted to counter the very low delivery times offered by Amazon (possibility in some cases to have fresh products delivered in only 2 hours) and therefore called on Wynd to set up a similar system.

Carrefour customers will be able to search for products on the platform set up by Wynd, integrated directly into the Carrefour website. The fintech tool will determine which store is the most likely to carry out the customer’s order in the fastest and most optimal way. It will analyze the stocks and availabilities of all the Carrefour group’s stores to identify the most suitable one for each order.

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Another prestigious client of Wynd is none other than Galeries Lafayette. The French luxury retailer’s need this time was for a physical store experience.

With the advent of digital commerce, it was necessary to find ways to make the in-store experience more complete than before, to encourage customers to continue coming to the store. Galeries Lafayette relied on the “phygital” concept, offering its customers a store that is still physical but equipped with digital elements.

It is this concept that has led to the appearance of digital shelves and showrooms in stores, a concept that Galeries Lafayette has decided to implement. They have set up spaces presenting each product, accompanied by a digital kiosk allowing an order and an autonomous payment for the customer.

The customer has a shopping experience combining the affect of seeing and testing the product physically while having fun and practical digital elements accompanying them in this shopping experience.


Wynd has succeeded in integrating its solutions with major players in the retail sector. The fact that retail giants such as Carrefour and Galeries Lafayette have placed their trust in the fintech is proof of the effectiveness of its solutions.

The quick implementation of Wynd’s tools (three months in the above customer cases) is a plus for retailers who do not want to make a long and tedious transition to omnichannel.  Smaller retailers will still be able to benefit from Wynd’s solutions and take a step towards modern sales channels themselves.

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